Snow Business ensures that it, and all of its suppliers, protect the environment, pay fair wages and provide safe employment conditions for all workers, no matter where those products are made and irrespective of whether those products are branded for Snow Business.

Materials and equipment

Snow Business strives to source all its products from the most ethical and eco-friendly source possible. We always try to use re-cycled raw materials and as soon as an eco-friendly product can be found to replace an existing product of lesser environment credentials we move towards it as swiftly
as the market will allow.


Back in the 1980’s the company found success because it offered the most eco-friendly materials. The Company is well aware that it can only retain its position as world leader for artificial snow and winter effects by striving constantly to find better and more eco-friendly materials and equipment. In 2012 our MD Darcey Crownshaw was awarded “Outstanding contribution to nature in Gloucestershire by a business leader” by Gloucester wildlife trust.

Offices and warehousing

The company has invested in a 17th century water mill that it has converted into its head office and UK base. The maximum amount of the building’s original fabric was preserved, where it could not be preserved, renewable or recycled materials were used to repair it. We also maintain the acres of waterways, trees, meadow and even have an orchard and staff allotments that provides fresh fruit and vegetables for us all. All foul waste is processed on site through our own Biodisc.


Carbon footprint

Wherever possible the company will first of all try to reduce its carbon emissions. Where that isn’t possible with current technology we will look towards off-setting those emissions here in the UK with accredited schemes that we can directly monitor ourselves. Our long-term aim for the company is to attain carbon neutrality.


The future 

We have achieved ISO14001 status. The ISO14001 standard commits us to continual environmental improvement.

 As a part of that we are:-

• Working towards installing a renewable energy source at Snow Mill to make our headquarters energy

• Performing an on-going and detailed review with all our suppliers to promote greater ecological


• Constantly reviewing our sites and premises to promote wildlife, sustainability and energy conservation

• Expanding the range of bio-compostable products and packaging

• Rolling out effective carbon offsetting options across our product range that are completed locally to us within the      UK


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