Working with special effects departments over the years to create the extreme conditions produced in the arctic, has led to the development of a number of special products and techniques.

Frozen sets and actors

32. The Day After Tomorrow - Frozen Bodies
Snow Business have developed a molten wax that is safely sprayed onto surfaces (even skin) to give the appearance of a long-term frozen landscape or a frozen body. (Vertical limit, The Day After Tomorrow, Alien vs Predator). The versatility of the spray means you can reproduce the unusual dripping ice that forms on beards, fur and many other surfaces in extreme conditions. 


31. The Day After Tomorrow - Blizzard conditions
When you require a blizzard, we can create any level of extremity that you require. By introducing various materials from various sources we can give the effect of the harshest arctic blizzard possible. 


34. Vertical Limit
By working with set builders we can produce a realistic crevasse situation which, using our winter effects materials can be covered to enable a realistic cracking crevasse that will fall away under foot to allow actors to drop. 

Deep snow 

The effect of deep powder snow can be achieved using many of our snow products. It is possible to dress Snow Business snow products to almost any depth required, however this can be restricted by budget, however, we have tricks that will enable you to produce the effect to your budget.

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