Having exactly the right kind of falling snow at the flick of a switch isn’t a luxury for a director or designer but a necessity. Artificial falling snow isn’t cold or wet and won’t melt, unless you need it to. Just as important as the snow itself are the different delivery systems that we have designed and improved over the last 20 years to get the snow you want, where you need it.

From a light flurry in Bridget Jones's Diary to a raging blizzard in The Day After Tomorrow we have created falling snow that looks and feels just like the real thing. The type of snow to be used and the method of its introduction to the set or venue are dictated by the physical requirements of the location, the desired behaviour of the snow, the duration of the effect, what the snow is to fall on to, also the amount of intrusion and noise that is acceptable.

Dry foam snow  

08. Falling snow on set
Dry foam snow provides a self-clearing falling snow, which is biodegradable and non-toxic. The foam flakes are three-dimensional and when generated using a SB100, SnowForce, SnowBuster, or SB200, they gently dissolve making them suitable for close up work. All of these systems can be used indoor or outdoor 

Snow sticks

21. Gladiator
Also know as snow candles, this is a candle sized firework, which generates ash particles similar to very light falling snow. Can also be used to simulate falling ash. Easy to use and ideal for filling large areas out of doors as no clearing is required. Outdoor use only. 

Paper snow  

Has a varied particle size which gives excellent depth, it is versatile in that it can be used for the lightest snow fall through to a raging blizzard, it is biodegradable and hence suitable for use out of doors, we also offer a fireproof version for indoor studio use.  

Display snow   

Display snow is available in a variety of flake sizes with very low dust content and are fire-proof. The three-dimensional flakes can be used for anything from a medium snowfall to a raging blizzard.
Display snow is a durable materials and therefore better suited to interior effects.


Starch snow 

28. The Avengers


Can be used out of doors in areas that are difficult to clear, such as long grass and woodland. It produces a very slow snowfall with a three dimensional flake, giving a very convincing effect in close up. It biodegrades rapidly making clearing unnecessary, however, when used on non-porous surfaces it will become slippery when wet and leaves a sticky residue.

Foss Snow

We manufacture a special, light, falling snow for indoor use. Visit our trade shop for more details.


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