Recreating a crisp winters day in deepest Surrey with a light dusting of snow on the fields obviously requires a completely different kind of snow effect from a scene that calls for alpine vistas and deep drifts. It is rare that one single product will produce the desired effect, so we work with special effects directors and designers to get the right combination often using 6 or 7 different products. The length of time the snow is needed for, proximity to the camera, budget restrictions and the location will all play a big part in deciding which products to use.

Artificial Snow for Outdoors 

SnowFX paper snow 

09. Band of Brothers - Woodland patrol
Very stable and weatherproof, this product is cost effective when the set is used for more than a week. SnowFX is good for work on location in its chemical free form. Full size SnowFX is used for dressing and bulking up. Half size is used for detail and close up work, it will also make for an easier clear up. 

SnowEx foam  

12. 101 Dalmatians
Fast to lay and inexpensive, which is good for deeper snow and background dressing. It is not suitable for details on buildings, objects, or foreground action. Foam is self-clearing but cannot be used close to water and can cause temporary yellowing of foliage. Care must be exercised where it is used with animals. 


13. Archangel - Roads

PowderFrost is a micro fine powder that coats everything with an ultra fine layer of white.
We use it as a frost dressing, a light foreground snow dressing and as a ‘white out’ background snow dressing.

When used on grass, in the foreground you see every blade of grass coated in white with no depth, in the background the white ‘burns out’ to look more like snow.
PowderFrost is eco-friendly and washes away with water or rain. In adverse weather, areas may need redressing several times.

Snow Membrane  

SnowMembrane cover
SnowMembrane cover
Synthetic sheet than comes in wide rolls and is a quick and easy alternative to white out large background areas. It can also be used as a protective base on sensitive sites and makes clearing easier.

Artificial Snow for Indoors

SnowFX Paper Snow  

10. Band of Brothers - SnowFX under foot
Comes in a number of different varieties and we have developed a Class 1 fire resistant version especially for indoor/studio work. Full size is used for bulk and deep snow. Half size can be used to create a range of effects and works very well in extreme close up. 

Plastic Snows / Display Snow 

Available in a variety of flake sizes to give varied texture they can be used to create deep drifts and impressively realistic snow cover. Fine snows will allow extreme close up and detail. They suit small scale studio work and are often used as a final dressing to give other products a little lift or sparkle. 


Is a form of a dry powder that when mixed with water expands up to 40 times its original size.  Most polymer snows can create a more ice like, slush-like appearance. Snow Business polymer snow is much more snow-like and has been designed to simulate free flowing high altitude powder snow. It is normally used as a top dressing over SnowFX to improve footprint detail and more realistic ‘pick up’ on clothing in extreme close up shots.  It is also an ideal material for ‘pack shots’ as it can be mixed in a variety of ways to create different effects.


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