We don’t put it down if we can’t clear it up

Whether we use short life organic artificial snow products that simply ‘disappear’ when it rains, or more durable fake snow products laid over the top of SnowMembrane, we guarantee to leave any location as found.  With over 200 different types of artificial snow we can select the right product, not only from the filmmaker’s but also from the property owner’s point of view. 

Good preparation is the key, SnowMembrane, a tough material that allows water and sunlight to pass through uninterrupted, can be laid to cover areas completely before any of the more durable snows are laid. The membrane protects the location from much more than the snow because it forms a protective barrier under traffic.  Once filming is completed the membrane is simply removed with the artificial snow on top to reveal the clean location underneath. 

Preparation of the site and clearing up afterwards are a hugely important part of the snow making process.  By doing this ourselves, and by doing it well, we preserve locations for future filmmakers and often return to the same location many times.

English Heritage, whose estates include ancient buildings and palaces consider Snow Business to be the leading authority on the safe, effective use of winter effects when filming at their estates.  Snow Business also advises the Environment Agency about winter effects materials for use on land adjacent to water and upon SSSI’s (Sites of Special Scientific Interest).  Snow Business has successfully dressed and cleared thousands of locations with artificial snow over the last twenty-five years.

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