Snow for events or a winter wonderland, no problem!

07. Snow ball fight

Snow Business can give any event a touch of magic using our huge range of artificial snow and winter effects. From transforming a corner of your venue into a magical Santa’s grotto, to turning a 10-acre theme park into a spectacular winter wonderland, we do it all.

If you are organising a live event, conference, party or wedding and would like an artificial snow dressing to add that extra special touch, call us today to discuss the possibilities.


Snow for shopping centers 

001. Cribbs Causeway 2013

Snow Business can provide incredible, realistic, falling snow for events and dressed snow effects for malls, shopping centres and other events. We would like to speak with you about producing a great winter wonderland for your event.

Call today on +44 (0) 1453840077


Real Fresh Snow


Our snow is naturally produced and is made by mixing distilled water with air and rapidly chilling with liquid nitrogen to create snowflakes.
Our snow is not made from ice – unlike the majority of other snow makers outside the UK & can be made anywhere in the world, on-location or supplied in freezer boxes. Visit our Real Fresh Snow page for more information.



World record holders

04. Snow Business - World Record

Snow Business holds the ‘Guinness world record for the largest area ever covered with artificial falling snow’.  This was achieved on a live outdoor street event in the middle of November.  
We have a vast experience of providing snow dressing and falling snow effects for public and private events out of doors,snow for events that last from a few minutes to many months.   


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