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Bespoke Projects

At Snow Business we work with a whole range of businesses from famous department stores and nationwide department stores to small independent retailers. We work with large out of town shopping centres to market town centre shops. We work with internationally known consumer brands to new start-up brands.

We are happy to spend time talking to you about your project, you may have a clear idea of what you would like, or you may want to discuss ideas with us, and we can work on your creative ideas together. We will gladly share our tips and expertise with you. If what you are after has not been done before, we will gladly experiment here at Snow Mill to see how best this can be achieved, we love a challenge and to come up with new ideas.

From this we can start to build your bespoke set of snow and winter effect products and services, we will work out what effects, machines, technicians and products are needed to get the most amazingly realistic results.

We can create anything from falling to settled snow, we can incorporate ice and frost, and even create ash and soot effects.

Whatever ideas you have, call to talk them through and we will be happy to help give your Christmas and winter projects an extra sprinkle of magic. Call on +44 (0)1453 840077 or email

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