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Snow Flocking

Whether it be for Virtual Merchandising, shop windows, Christmas trees, Grotto pieces or winter wonderland buildings Snow Flocking is becoming increasingly popular.  In the USA Christmas tree sellers use a flocking machine to dress the tree with snow for any customer on demand.


Some Christmas tree sellers charge a premium for flocked trees, others simply use flocking to disguise damage or enhance lesser grade trees, to be sold at higher prices. Having flocked trees adds diversification and further interest to your range of stock and returns greater profits each season.


At Snow Business we have developed our very own flocking machines and use a flock formula that gives amazingly realistic results.


The flock formula we use is a recycled cotton or paper based material that contains non toxic glue which is then sprayed with a powerful water jet, this forces the flock to stick semi-permanently to whatever it is sprayed at, giving authentic settled snow results.


Our technicians are highly skilled in flocking and can offer you training so that you can then hire the machines for a set period of time, and then flock your own Christmas trees, for example. Or you can provide us with details of your requirements and we can deliver fully flocked pieces, or flock your pieces for you. Additionally, our helpful and friendly technicians can come out to you and flock your entire scene.


You can hire a flocking machine from Snow Business in the UK for £100 plus VAT per week. The flocking material can be bought here in the UK at Snow Business for £32.25, plus VAT, per [size] bag. One bag of flocking material will substantially cover three 8-foot Christmas trees.  Once flocked, the tree can be netted right away, so the customer can leave with the finished tree without further waiting.


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