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What is Snow Business snow made of?

There are many types of snow that we offer, some made of plastic, some made of paper, some made of foam. We can help you to decide the type of snow that you require depending on the situation that you need the snow for.

Does Snow Business snow melt?

Generally, no. Most Snow Business snow is made of plastic or paper, this means that it will not melt, but if you are looking for melting snow, then we offer foam snow that will slowly disappear.

Can I mix real snow with fake snow?

Absolutely, we often compliment real snow on location with our artificial snow in order to create a more controllable environment. Snow Business will allow you to retake that ‘virgin snow’ shot as many times as you like. We can also offer on demand falling snow at any location.

How long does the snow last?

Our snow can last as long as you need. If all that you are looking for is a quick snowfall with nothing to clear up, simple. If you need a heavily dressed large location set for 2 months, not a problem, we have the resources to create your winter vision for as long as you require.

Is it expensive?

We offer artificial snow products that suit any budget, we can supply incredibly realistic artificial snow for a price that you can afford. If you are making a big budget production or buying for your home, Snow Business can help.

How long does the snow last?

As long as you need. We have over 200 types of snow, some will last a few minutes, others a few years.

Can I use your snow in my garden?

Yes, but some snows like the self clearing ones are just for looking at whilst others, the kinds that make into snowballs that you can have fights with need a lot of clearing up afterwards.

Will the falling snow create a settled snow effect too?

We can do either, self clearing falling snow, or a dry particle snow that will settle (and has to be physically cleared away afterwards).

Can I make a Snowman with your snow?

If you want to build a large snowman in ‘live time’ , the best snow is cryogenically made ‘real snow’. There is a lot of mass in a snowman so the fake snow snowmen are usually made off site overnight and delivered in.

Can I make a snow ball with your snow?

The paper based snows make fantastic snowballs, just like real snow pick it up, squeeze it into a ball and throw. We also sell super-soft ready made snowballs that are safe for children to throw indoors (as long as you have no wobbly vases).