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Innovating since 1983

Our company started with Darcey Crownshaw and just a few bags of fake snow made from recycled paper – a world first.

Developed for a friend who worked in special effects, SnowFx was eco-friendly, biodegradable and more realistic than existing products. It could be sprayed onto plants, trees, sloping roofs and moving cars, and it could be used to create footprints and tyre tracks. You could even make it into snowballs and hurl it at actors – unlike the chemical alternatives .


Darcey’s snow quickly became the industry standard, replacing the salts, polystyrene, urea formaldehyde and other (less eco-friendly) products of the time.

Our heritage is in film, but today our snow falls in all kinds of different locations. We can create spectacular scenes for television adverts, cover entire streets with snowfall, transform shopping centres into grottos, add sparkle to corporate events and create seasonal showstoppers in high street windows. Branching out has given us the opportunity to develop new techniques and design our own products, such as the world’s quietest falling snow machines and a fireproof display snow.

More snow is on its way….

It’s an exciting time for our business as we continue to build upon what Darcey started thirty years ago. Our snow machinery, already the most efficient and quietest available, is being upgraded with sophisticated remote monitoring and control systems. We’re also planning to open further Snow Business branches around the world. So stay tuned .

The Snow Mill

This is Snow Business HQ. Our 18th century watermill also houses the centre of excellence for snow and winter effects. Used by technicians, institutions and universities from around the world, this resource is available to anyone who wants to discover the real possibilities of winter effects.