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Call the Midwife Christmas Episode

Case Study


Initially the 'brief' was, well, 'brief'. 'Falling and deep drifting snow to mirror the script - all set in the winter of 1962' please!

Snow Business have worked with Call the Midwife from its inception, but the two Christmas Special episodes looked to require 'film quality' winter set dressing, so the production team involved us from the first draft, onwards.

Technical considerations

The script demanded a visualisation of the set changing from light falling snow, through heavier snow fall, to deep snow drifts and frozen objects.

Shooting TV shows is of a much faster pace than 'film'; with up to 20 shots a day demanding precision and flexibility from its set dressers.

As some of the shots encompassed large areas of snow, we used a combination of deep (paper-based) snow and bulking structures for snow drifts, fine snow for areas in close proximity to the camera, and our Powder Frost to white out large areas with minimal product use.

What we did

"The scene is set - and we dress the set and location to reflect the script from 'icicles verging on the spectacular' appearing on the guttering, to Valerie 'peering out onto a whitened world from her bedroom window'."


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