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Christmas at Eden

Case Study


In the spring of 2014, The Eden project approached Snow Business with the idea of making it snow inside one of their greenhouse biomes. Providing snow that could be used in the biggest tropical biome in the world was an exciting challenge, but one that could not risk doing any damage to their unique collection of tropical plants, or the delicate soil they grow in.

Technical considerations

Real snow, being very cold, would damage tender plants and would be dangerous, expensive and technically challenging in tropical temperatures. So, some sort of fake snow, but which?

Paper or plastic based products would be quite expensive, with multiple shows, and present problems at clear up. This only left dry foam snow. However, no snow fluid was available with sufficient environmental credentials to pass Eden's strict requirements. Christmas looked to be on-hold.

What we did

"Ideally our snow fluid should be: fully bio-degradable; harmless to the environment and people it came in contact with; not tested on animals; contain only ethical components; produce the best snow effect available; be cost effective to manufacture."


*All Eden Project photos copyright Mark Shaw photography - www.markshawphotography.co.uk

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