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Photography effects

Artificial settled snow for photography

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Settled snow without the chill

Whether you're creating snow angels or tyre tracks, we have the right effects to frame your products.

Snow base and powderfrost used to created this scene for Joules - Snow Business
Still photography using artficial snow by Snow Business Partner, Orient Snow
Joules photography shoot using snow from Snow Business
Still photography featuring snow by Snow Business
Snow scene created by Snow Business for Joules
Artificial snow dressing by Snow Business GMBH
Snow Business SnowCel used in car commercial
Winter scene for Joules by Snow Business
Family Christmas photoshoot for Joules - snow by Snow Business
Artificial snow angels for Boden created by Snow Business
Falling snow effect captured on stills for Bon Marche photography
Artificial snow used for still photography by Bon Marche, created by Snow Business
Snow Business created a snow effect for Bon Marche photography
Fake snow from Snow Business used in car photography
Snow Business snow used for Celtic and Co photoshoot

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