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Live event snow

Real snow

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Real snow made on site or on location

Made fresh to order and more reliable than a weatherman. Our snow is made from cryogenically frozen water and this technology has enabled us to create a range of real snow effects - from tubing ramps to an army of snowmen in the height of summer. Our snow making system can make different types of snow depending on the temperature it is made at. So, whether you require fresh powder snow to more compacted ground cover - we've got it covered.

Outdoor event - real snow - Snow Business
TK Maxx Christmas Campaign by Snow Business
Brand event with real snow - Snow Business
Real snow - snowmen for brand event - Snow Business
Big air Event with real snow - Snow Business
Real snow - snowmen for outdoor event - Snow Business
Snow balls made from real snow - Snow Business
Tubing on real snow - Snow Business
Real snow created by Snow Business for TK Maxx Christmas Campaign

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