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Visual Merchandising

Snow Business offer a large and varied selection of snow, frost and ice effect products and services for Visual merchandising to enable your winter themed shop and product displays to be just as you imagined.

Our highly skilled and friendly Snow Business technicians will work alongside your own display and installation team to ensure that you get the best and most eye-catching finish to ensure a powerful impact.

We have a huge variety of options so do call us to discuss your specific needs and we can help create together. As an overview, we have:

SnowWalls – these are self-contained falling snow units, in a variety of sizes, for any shop window or instore for visual merchandising displays. They can be used to create the effect of realistic falling snow. We have a variety of SnowWalls, including the fun and highly effective Interactive Electronic SnowWall.

‘Pack by window’ – this is a package of various types of artificial snow for window dressing. You can add a mixture of snow, ice and frost, if desired, to create the ultimate realistic winter themed displays.

Falling artificial snow installations – these are a wonderful dry foam solution that replicates realistic snow fall. The snow will evaporate once it falls to the ground, so there is no mess and no melt. We have a selection of falling snow machines available for installation around your retail site, with the assistance of our snow technicians.

Snow Flocking – we have developed our very own snow flocking machines for hire, here in the UK, ideal for dressing Christmas trees for displays and trees for sale to your customers, or you can choose to flock your Grotto pieces or visual merchandising display. You can hire the machine and be given training, or we can carry out the flocking for you.

Bespoke projects – our team of highly skilled and creative technicians will work closely with you and your design brief, to create exactly the right package to bring your visual concept to life.

If you’re after high-quality, quick installations for maintenance free displays to make your Christmas and winter merchandising extra special this year, give us a call to discuss on +44 (0)1453 840077 or email